Just Cause 2

Open world action-adventure RPG from Avalanche Studios


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  • Category Action
  • Program license Trial version
  • Works under: Windows Vista
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Crystal Dynamics

Just Cause 2 is the result of every great 80's and 90's action flick being rolled up into a ball and shot out of a cannon onto an enormous tropical island complete with cities to rampage through, mountains to climb, military bases to destroy and airships to sky dive from.

If you feel like modern shooters have become drab, unexciting successions of uninspired, overly linear, shooting galleries then the Just Cause series may be the tonic you're looking for. As a series it focuses more on elaborate over the top action where you're left to decide what you want to destroy and how to destroy it. Typically open world affairs, the series rewards destruction and mayhem overall and gives you the tools to do it.

Just Cause 2 builds on the original's winning formula with an even bigger map and even more toys to play with. The game area is completely open to you from the get go and you earn money and experience by blowing up buildings, liberating military strongholds and carrying out missions for a variety of factions.

The graphics have been ramped up as well and the fictional island of Panau is brilliantly realised in crystal clear, colourful graphics. Explosions look glorious and the world blurs past you satisfyingly as you rip down the roads on super bikes or soar through the skies in military jets.

The game boasts a lengthy campaign centered around the protagonist Rico Rodriguez, a special agent who's been sent to recover data from the island and free it from the clutches of a military dictator. Your missions can be exciting affairs but they are only unlocked as you work to achieve goals for each of the three factions on Panau. It's these faction missions where the game drags as you'll find yourself repeating the same mission types over and over again.

Where the story falls a bit flat though the rest of the game makes up for it in bombastic fashion. Using Rico Rodriguez's signature slingshot to grapple onto the side of a military jet as you speed away from an exploding military base is well worth a few drab missions.


  • All the Action You Can Shake a Stick At
  • Huge Map
  • Unbridled Manic Fun


  • Some Missions Can Get a Little Repetitive
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